“As ett were a new confederacy o’ whelps have come ta’ ply tharr luck at tha’ sweet trade, be ett by choice er at tha’ end o’ the lash. ‘Tis beyond a doubt that ett well take more thayn fair cess ta’ turn t’is lot o’ sods into proper buccaneers yet. Well they prove that they have tha’ mettle ta’ dare witt Jolly Roger er well they simplee become tha’ next viktims o’ tha’ waves?

With A Celebrity Guest Appearance Every Session, Here’s What They Had to Say:

“The DM Really Gave it to Those Guys” – DMX

“Simply the Greatest Story Ever Told” – George R.R. Martin

“Finally, a Group Who Isn’t Afraid to Go Big and Do it Right” – Richard Pett

“Having the Opportunity to Role-Play as Tessa Fairwind Was Without a Doubt the Greatest Moment of my Entire Life” – Tom Brady

“A Campaign That has Served as an Inspiration to Me in My Darkest Days” – Bruce Wayne

“Unparalleled Tacticians, Stratagems of Legendary Status” -Sun Tzu

“Those Scoundrels Made Me Look Like a Common Lout!”- Francis Drake

“Plunder Beyond Anything I Could Fathom. Ohh-woo-ohh” – Scrooge McDuck

“The Live Action Performance of an Authentic Pirate Shanty by the Players was the Most Amazing Display of Musical Prowess That the World Has Ever Seen” – Jimi Hendrix

“Those Boys can Hoist my Colors Any Day” -Kate Upton

“I Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie” – Sir-Mix-A-Lot

“The Best 14 Drinks I’ve Ever Had” – Sterling Archer

“I’ve Never Laughed More in My Whole Life” – Stephen Colbert

“Gentlemen the Likes of Which I’ve Seen Neither Since nor After” – Queen Elizabeth II

“I Pray to Every Heavenly Being That One Day I’ll Have the Luck to Work With the Movie Rights to This Masterpiece” – Joss Whedon

“At Last, This Game Has Shown Me What it Means to be Complete.” – Siddhartha Gautama

“I Have no Words to Express My Infatuations with These Men, Perhaps In a Few Months When I Finish Swooning” – Anne Hathaway

Pathfinder: Skull and Shackles

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